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Dept. of Public Works Refuse/Recycling Division

 Program Coordinator
 Donna McMahon

Contact Information:
Phone (401) 435-7710
Fax (401) 434-1725

Donna McMahon 


Refuse and Recycling Calendar 
January - June 2014 click here

                                                                               Get Ready for Earth Day !!


Earth Day 2014 Cleanups!!

(Currently scheduled cleanups more to come!) 



Ten Mile River Watershed

March 29 – pickup debris April 1st.

March 29th 9am – 2:00pm

Central Pond – 220 Ferris Avenue, Rumford.



Squantum Association

April 19th  ~  9:00am to Noon

East Bay Bike Path & Shore line



 East Providence Conservation Commission

April 26th    8:30am to 12:30pm

Hunts Mills Historic Area



East Providence, RI / Seekonk, MA Rotary Club

April 26th ~  7:30 AM to 11:30am

Pleasant Street - Turner Reservoir



 Newman Church

April 27nd   10:45am to 12:45pm –Rain date May 2nd

Our corner plus across street at cemetery


Narragansett Terrace Association (The Terrace)

April 26th  8am to 12pm ~ Rain Date April 27th

 Beach and lots by jetty (corner of Riverside and Sea View),

Beaches along Riverside Avenue on the Terrace and Waterfronts along Terrace Avenue.



EP Public Works, Refuse/Recycling Division

April 26th ~ 9am to 1:00pm ~ Rain date May 3

Rose Larisa Memorial Park

Cleaning of park including flower beds, and walking paths/trails from

Litter and debris.  Planting new butterfly/humming bird garden in Overlook area.

Stop by the Earth Day/Recycling table for info on planting your own Butterfly Garden!

Contact:  dmcmahon@cityofeastprov.com or call 401-435-7710



EP Public Works, Refuse/Recycling Division

April 26th ~ 9am to 1:00pm ~ Rain date May 3

Crescent Park Carousel Grounds

General Cleanup of grounds, planting in flower beds, painting gazebo.

Stop by the Earth Day/Recycling table for info on City’s recycling program, Eco Depot Events

And more !! 

Contact:  dmcmahon@cityofeastprov.com  or 401-435-7710



Yard waste is collected curbside in barrels or in paper yard waste bags only!



New Recycling Carts!





New Refuse and Recycling Calendar 


Reminder Recycling will be

 every other week!!

On recycling weeks if your recycling cart

in not set out at the curb your rubbish will not be collected!  


After September 9th recycling will only be collected from these carts.  All recyclable items need to be placed inside the carts, any items outside of the carts or in recycle bins cannot be collected.    

Residents will set their recycling cart at the curb every other week according to the calendar insert provided.  Carts should be wheeled to the curb by 6:00am morning of collection and set with the lid opening facing the street, and once carts are collected, they must be removed from curbside and stored out of view until your next collection.  Carts will be emptied using equipment with an automated lift arm that will dump materials into a special truck.  Trash and yard waste will be collected each week, on your normal trash day.  Yard waste collection is seasonal.  On Recycling weeks trash will not be collected if there is no recycling cart set out at the curb.



Q. What do I put in the new cart?

A: All of the recycling materials that you now place within your blue or green bin may now be placed within your new recycling cart. Do not leave recycling materials outside of the cart.

For a complete list of recycling

materials please visit:  www.recycletogetherri.org

Q. Will the pickup schedule change?

A: Your recycling cart will be picked up every other week  starting September 9th with new automated pickup trucks.  There is no change to your trash pickup or leaf and yard waste pickup.

Q. What do I do with my blue and green bin?

A: You may keep your blue and green bin if you wish, however your recycling materials will not be picked up from these bins starting September 9th.  If you wish to dispose of your blue and green bin, you may drop them off at the City’s Public Works Facility located at 60 Commercial Way.

Q.  Why should I recycle?

A: There are many environmental benefits to recycling, plus it saves money.  Your tax dollars are spent to dispose of trash.  The City pays for every ton of trash disposed at the landfill.  Rhode Island Resource Recovery accepts recyclable materials for free and actually reimburses the City depending on the amount recycled.

Q.  What should I do with the cart if I move?

A: Please leave your cart at your residence.  Each cart has a radio frequency identification tag (RFID) installed that registers the cart to a specific address.  The RFID tags are located by GPS coordinates that can monitor cart locations and send and alert if the cart is not registered to the address where it is collected.

Q.  Who do I call if I have a problem or question?

A: Please contact the Department of Public Works, Refuse/Recycling Division at 435-7710 or eprecycle@cityofeastprov.com



 About the Refuse and Recycling Division

The Refuse/Recycling Contact person is responsible for the oversight of all residential rubbish, recycling, yard debris, and appliance collection programs.  The Division manages the Forbes Street Compost Site and the automotive motor oil and antifreeze collection program located at the Public Works Garage on Commercial Way with the assistance of Highway personnel.  This division organizes and oversees litter prevetion and collection programs including Earth Day events in the spring and the Shoreline Cleanup in the fall. 

The Division is responsible for the oversight of rubbish and recycling collection contracts for all School Department facilities, upon request provides components for education curriculum, classroom presentations and filed trips.

The Refuse/Recycling Division is part of the Department of Public Works and has an office at Municipal Garage located at 60 Commericial Way.




Visits Summer Day Camp at

Pierce Field!




Citizens Bank "Clean Team"

Clean up of Trash along Tripps lane and Citizen’s Drive



The Forbes Street Compost site will be open

Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 3:00pm.


Residents may drop off leaves, grass, branches, limbs and other tree related material /vegetative material only will be accepted at this site. 

Residents must show a valid driver’s license as proof of residency.  Yard Debris in plastic bags will not be accepted.  NO commercial vehicles are permitted.

Any material less than 2” in diameter can be placed in paper bags or reusable containers for regularly scheduled curb side collection.

 For further information please contact the recycling office at 435.7710 or 435.7701.







New:  it's now OK to mix your recyclables together!

No new bin is necessary - simply use what you have.  Your recycled paper, cardboard, and containers will be mixed in the collection truck too.  And don't worry, mixing is a good thing!  The State's new recycling facility will do the rest.  Now it's either recycling or it isn't.  Period.

 New:  You can now recycle more plastics!

In fact, you can now recycle all plastic containers up to 2 gallons.  Don't worry about the numbers or the little triangle.  Is it a plastic container?  Is it 2 gallons or smaller?  If so, recycle it!  This means you can now recycle plastic jars, tubs, cups, yogurt containers, egg cartons and take out containers too.


For Recycle Together Flyer click here!  


No Recycling Bins / No Trash Collection!



Leave recycling bins at the curb until trash has been collected.

Recycling Saves Tax Dollars!  Please do your part.



For answers to your disposal questions just click on the links below: 

Rechargeable Batteries, Compact Florescent Lights, plastic shopping bags, and cell phones are recyclable at you local Lowe's Home Improvement Store.  Click on the link for more information.  





Curbside Collection / Holiday Collections / Drop offs   

Recycling FAQs 

Kids' Recycle