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Auto Batteries
Rigid Plastic
Bulky Waste
Christmas Trees
Construction Debris
Cooking Oil
Extra Recycling
Leaf & Yard Waste
Mattresses/Box Springs        
Motor Oil & Filters        
Paper for Shredding        
Propane Tanks
Scrap Metal

 About the Refuse and Recycling Division

The Refuse/Recycling contact person is responsible for the oversight of all residential rubbish, recycling, yard debris, and appliance collection programs.  The Division manages the Forbes Street Compost Site and the automotive motor oil and antifreeze collection program located at the Public Works Garage on Commercial Way with the assistance of Highway personnel.  This division organizes and oversees litter prevention and collection programs including Earth Day events in the spring and the Shoreline Cleanup in the fall. 

The Division is responsible for the oversight of rubbish and recycling collection contracts for all School Department facilities, upon request provides components for education curriculum, classroom presentations and filed trips.

The Refuse/Recycling Division is part of the Department of Public Works and has an office at Municipal Garage located at 60 Commericial Way.


Recycle Together

Recycling in East Providence and all of Rhode Island just got easier!

New:  it's now OK to mix your recyclables together!

No new bin is necessary - simply use what you have.  Your recycled paper, cardboard, and containers will be mixed in the collection truck too.  And don't worry, mixing is a good thing!  The State's new recycling facility will do the rest.  Now it's either recycling or it isn't.  Period.

In fact, you can now recycle all plastic containers up to 2 gallons.  Don't worry about the numbers or the little triangle.  Is it a plastic container?  Is it 2 gallons or smaller?  If so, recycle it!  This means you can now recycle plastic jars, tubs, cups, yogurt containers, egg cartons and take out containers too.

No Recycling Bins / No Trash Collection!

Leave recycling bins at the curb until trash has been collected.

Recycling Saves Tax Dollars!  Please do your part.

For answers to your disposal questions just click on the links below: 

Rechargeable Batteries, Compact Florescent Lights, plastic shopping bags, and cell phones are recyclable at your local Lowe's Home Improvement Store.  Click on the link for more information.

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