East Providence Fire Department

The East Providence Fire Department is part of the City of East Providence's Public Safety System.  Comprised of 120 members under the direction of the Chief of Department, the Fire Department is responsible for all manners of fire control, fire suppression and fire prevention.  It also provides emergency medical services to the residents of East Providence.  The Department's role has expanded over the years, where it now is responsible for mitigating all hazardous materials incidents, provides marine protection and safety along the entire coastline and all inland waterways, and is trained to handle all types of technical rescues, including vehicle extrication, high-angle rescue and confined space rescue emergencies.

The Fire Department's Administration Offices is located on Broadway in East Providence.

The following video explains the new 30 minute CPR mandatory protocol change.

Fire Department Press Releases:

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Contact Information

Smoke Detector Certificate
(401) 431-4614

Captain Brian Poland, Fire Marshal
(401) 431-4614

Lieutenant Thomas Salisbury, Assistant Fire Marshal
(401) 431-4614

Inspector James Bellamy, Fire Alarm Inspector
(401) 431-4615

John H. Potvin, Director of Emergency Medical Services
(401) 431-4616

Captain Douglas Drainville, Director of Training & Safety
(401) 435-7770

Lieutenant Jeffrey Wyrostek, Assistant Director of Training & Safety
(401) 435-7770

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