East Providence News

3/19/2015 - 1415-21 ERP: Financial Management System

ID Number RFP #EP1415-21: ERP Financial Management System

The following documents constitute the complete bid package for this solicitation: 
If you intend to reply to this solicitation please complete this E-Package Receipt and return via fax to the Purchasing Division at (401) 435-7726.

Bid Ad

Bid Specification

Bid Form

Standard Instructions to Bidders

East Providence Affirmative Action Program

Anti-Collusion Statement

IRS W-9 Form

EP1415-21 Addendum #1

EP1415-21 Addendum #1 Document #2

EP1415-21 Addendum #2

EP1415-21 Addendum #3

EP1415-21 Cost Sheet

City of East Providence

Purchasing Division

City Hall, 2nd Floor

145 Taunton Ave.

East Providence, RI 02914