Monthly Water Bill Information

Public Service Notice:

The City of East Providence would like to take this time to clarify any confusion relating to the new monthly water & sewer bills. We have received many resident questions and concerns in regards to how new monthly bills are calculated and why some appear higher and others lower than the previous quarterly bills. New monthly bills are not simply 1/3 of your previous quarterly bill and can not be compared in that way. As bills have always been calculated based on 3 months of consumption, we cannot quantify how much water/sewer our residents are using each month as we do not have a history on this data as of yet. For example, each resident may use more water in one month than in others. i.e. One may water grass more in July than they do in April resulting in unequal monthly consumption. With that in mind, please be patient as rates per month will start to provide a history as we move forward. With that in mind, if looking to attempt a comparison for the month, you’re true bill would be closer to last August’s quarterly bill as these are the same representative months. (2016 August bill would contain consumption information for mid-April through Mid-July)
Additionally, as we transition, fixed sewer and water fees are now going to be charged monthly, whereas your final quarterly bill reflected your first quarter calculation. For example: if you have a 5/8” meter, your flat fixed fee would be $60 for sewer and $80 for water. This number was prorated for your final quarterly bill to reflect the monthly bills going forward. Attached, you will find an image of our 2017 billing information, designed to help locate meter sizes and fixed fee rates.

We understand that this transition is difficult and confusing, however, please keep in mind that we appreciate your patience as we work to provide our community with an easy to understand bill on a monthly basis, providing the opportunity to track monthly consumption rates.

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