Woman’s Day Event
“The Year of the Woman”

On Tuesday, March 20, 2018, Councilwoman Anna Sousa hosted a Women’s Event and discussion panel entitled “The Year of the Woman”. Young women who attend the Riverside and Martin Middle Schools as well at the East Providence High School were in attendance along with the public. The panelists who participated were Mrs. Kathryn Crowley, Superintendent of Schools, East Providence, Dr. Latha Sivaprased, R.I. Hospital & Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Dr. Peg Van Bree, R.I. Hospital & Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Mrs. Barbara Riley, Sr. Vice President & CNO, R.I. Hospital & Hasbro Children’s Hospital, The Honorable Mayor Lisa Baldelli—Hunt, City of Woonsocket, The Honorable Katherine Kazarian State Representative, The Honorable Probate Judge Christine Engustian, East Providence Probate Justice Christine Engustian, Lt. Maari Stainer, of the East Providence Police Department, Fire Fighter, Erica Carcieri of the East Providence Fire Department. In addition, poetry readings were provided by Kiana Michels and Phionna Claude both students at Providence College.

The event was geared to inspire and empower women and to provide an opportunity for the audience to ask questions and discuss with the panel members their relevant stories and experiences on their path to becoming successful leaders in the community. The dialogue of the panel and the audience was uplifting.

“I would like to thank the guest panelists for taking the time to participate in this empowering event”, stated Councilwoman Sousa, she continued, “It was humbling to have a spirited dialogue with outstanding and influential women in Rhode Island leadership roles.” The Councilwoman offered special thanks to Eddy from the Burrito Bowl for sponsoring lunch for the event and the Dunkin Donuts on John Street for providing the coffee as well as the chaperones from the School Department.

Councilwoman Sousa added, “The role of empowering our young women falls on all of us. We must continue to encourage, inspire and uplift these young women, so they can aspire to achieve great things. Women in history have set the way and many doors have been opened, we must have confidence in ourselves to walk through and confront the obstacles that come before us. Don’t let anyone hold you back, only you can limit yourself from achieving greatness, choose the right partner in life and surround yourself with positive people.” In closing, Councilwoman Sousa stated, “Set the standards others aspire to achieve. Go forward confidently in all your endeavors”